The Inscrutable Denominator of Heavenly Glory

Jade Empire is a role-playing videogame for the Xbox that takes place in a fictitious, mythical version of China. One of the things I really enjoy about the game is the nifty names all the characters have. Sagacious Zu! Radiant Jen Zi! Lu the Prodigy! By comparison, my own name seems threadbare and boring. I knew there had to be some way I could dress my name up for a night on the mythical Asian town.

Tea Leaves, the thinking gamer's weblog, is pleased to present this little toy that will help you learn what your Jade Empire name is. Special thanks go to Stewart Clamen of MRQE (a.k.a. Salubratory Stew Wan) for his helpful suggestions, and to Adam Rixey for naming the Namer. Enjoy!

"Short" forms of your name will work best.
Enter your first name here:

Your Jade Empire Name is:

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