Five Things I am Too Lazy to Twitter

I signed up for Twitter last week even though I have no idea why. Apparently you use this service to post things that are too useless or trivial to even write into a weblog. Of course, here at Tea Leaves, nothing is too useless to post. So here we go.


The Shazam app on the iPhone is perhaps the best encapsulation of modern dork convergence ever to be conceived by man. I was in the local used record store and they were playing some Rap tune. I don’t really like or know anything about Rap, but this song was catchy. On a lark, I turned on Shazam and just held the phone there in front of me, and presto. In ten seconds it told me that they were playing The Humpty Dance. It worked on the next song to come on too.

Twitter and Food

Why is it that over 50% of the twitter traffic, even among people who know this factoid already, is about what people are eating or just ate. By the way, I had these great pork chops for dinner, topped with peaches that had been poached with mustard seed or something. Yum.

The Inner Loop

Who knew that it was in Diablo 2 where Blizzard perfected the “click-click- click-kill-kill-kill-ooooo shiny loot!” inner loop that would form the basis of millions upon millions of long term $15/month addictions in the future.

The Matt Cassel Era

I wonder. If the team does well, and continues to win, what happens when Brady comes back? Careful what you wish for.

Real Work

If I wasn’t a selfish materialistic hypocrite, I’d move to Harlem and work for this guy.

Extra Bonus Track!

DVD movies at the Exchange all seem to cost around $5. This means that it’s cheaper to buy three movies a month and then just give them back for free than to belong to Netflix. I cancelled my Netflix six months after realizing this.