How Captain America: Civil War Started

The Tea Leaves slack channel presents: How the civil war in Captain America: Civil War began.

  1. Sizzling repressed homoerotic tension finally boils over (peterb)
  2. Cap irons and folds his clean underwear. (uurf)
  3. Like ten, with Bucky (snefster)
  4. Cap sick of Tony’s nicknames (arixey)
  5. Wanda accidentally causes the whole thing with a spell and then looks straight at the camera and delivers Erkel catch phrase. (uurf)
  6. Fighting over who gets the Avengers' complimentary ticket to see ‘Hamilton’ (peterb)
  7. Tony and Steve each jealous of Bruce’s attention of the other. (uurf)
  8. Cap says “You know in my day” one time too many. (uurf)
  9. Tragic lack of Reed Richards to serve as level headed voice of reason. (snefster)
  10. Some dispute over merchandising rights. (arixey)
  11. Trying to impress Black Widow. (arixey)
  12. Need to generate artificial conflict to sell more comic books and movies (psu)
  13. Tony doesn’t see what the problem is with Zack Snyder movies, really. (tilt)
  14. The Game Grid demands tribute. (tilt)