The R Word

Those of us who play video or computer games need to confront racism and sexism every time they are expressed in our community. I have been playing games since I could barely walk. I’m not going to let racists or sexists define “gamer” as an identity. Why is this your problem, as a gamer? Because the standard you walk past is the standard you accept. It’s more than Pewdiepie’s slur on YouTube. Each racial slur or gendered insult in voice chat, by anyone, degrades all gamers. “I’m not using slurs” isn’t enough.

Players, if someone you’re playing with starts that garbage, drop the connection and block them. Game companies, your online game’s code of conduct needs to treat racist and sexist slurs as a one-time bannable offense.

Gamers are good at learning new skills to beat a challenge. The challenges facing our community right now are racism and sexism. The way to face that challenge is by confronting racism and sexism where and when we see them. Every. Single. Time.