Ceci n'est pas un manifesto

It’s time to make what, I hope, will be the only self-referential post on this site. It’s time to specify the rules of what I’m going to be writing about here

I probably shouldn’t do this at all, since it intrinsically violates some of the very rules I’m going to lay down, but I feel like I have a few things to get out of my system. If I can get those things out on paper now, once and for all, I will have a document that I can refer to later when I have the urge to publish something stupid. I will read that document – this document – and say “No. Don’t do that. That violates the rules.”

This isn’t a manifesto, because a manifesto is about telling the public, or the reader, something, as is shown by its derivation from the latin manufestus: struck with the hand. This is being posted publicly just for the benefit of one reader, myself, so that when I start to lose focus I’ll have a nice big road sign to remind me that I should approach my writing with the seriousness that I want it to have.