Pittsburgh Gets Apple Store

In the “taking away things I like to whine about” department, Apple Computer will apparently be opening a retail store in Pittsburgh. Now I have no excuse for not buying that iPod. The rumor is that they will be getting planning approval on April 6th, and MacMinute says it will be located at 5508 Walnut Street, in the upscale (“bohemian,” say the marketers) Shadyside neighborhood. I can’t picture a huge space at that location – Walnut is a street of fairly modestly sized spaces, so perhaps this is the first of their rumoured new “mini” stores.

I swung by that area on the way home from work tonight – as near as I can tell, that space is currently occupied by a boutique, which is neither miniscule nor huge. In any event, it’s clear that any store opening is months and months away from happening.

Here’s a link to the [job posting](https://jobs.apple.com/cgi- bin/WebObjects/Employment.woa/8/wo/li3BdIDvMcFORXQB30XoM0/ for the Store Manager. If you get the job, I want a discount on my iPod Mini.

And please don’t make me [wait outside in the rain](http://www.penny- arcade.com/view.php3?date=2004-03-12), OK?