Children's Books vs. Video Games

33. If You Give a Mouse a Glock 19 [peterb]

32. Duck on a Warthog [peterb]

31. Horton Hears a Sniper [agroce] 30. Cat In A Hat With An M-16 [jch]

29. The Cat In The Hat Talks Smack [peterb]

28. The Little Castle Wolfestein on the Prairie. [tmwong]

27. Green eggs and fireballs. [bhudson]

26. Goodnight, Moon Patrol [peterb]

25. The Little Rocket Launcher Who Could [tomault]

24. Little Red Jedi Knight [bhudson]

23. Put a Cap in Pop [rochberg]

22. Grandma, Felix, and Mustapha Tactical Nuke [agroce]

21. One Fish, Two Fish, Red vs. Blue Fish [peterb]

20. Splinter Cell: Puppy Helmet [agroce]

19. Go, Link, Go [peterb]

18. Click-clack, Doom [peterb]

17. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad NAZI HORDE [agroce]

16. American McGee’s The Velveteen Rabbit [agroce]

15. Clifford the Big Red Faction [peterb]

14. George and Martha Rematch [rochberg]

13. Charlotte’s Web Hunt [rochberg]

12. Charlie and the Chocolate Shotgun [peterb]

11. The Hoboken Chicken Shootout [rochberg]

10. James and Princess Peach [peterb]

9. How Tommy Vercelli Stole Christmas [peterb]

8. Twisted Metal Black Beauty [peterb]

7. The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Opposing Force: Book of the Year Edition [peterb]

6. Are You There, God? It’s Me, That Guy From Quake. [peterb]

5. Sarah, Plain, Tall and with a Wicked Headshot [tomault]

4. The RPG of the Swan [tomault]

3. Alan Mendelsohn’s Pro Skater [rochberg]

2. Medal of Honor: Briar Patch [rochberg]

1. Beyond Good and Evil My Little Ponies [baird]

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