Losing My Religion

Jack Chick has a new tract, and I am once again nearly speechless:

chick I have a hard time seeing straight when I have to look intolerance in the face. It’s an issue that hits very close to home with me. As an adult, I’ve managed to order my life such that, most of the time, when we’re not in an election year, I can pretend that most people, most of the time, aren’t hateful. But all it takes is reading a Chick tract, coupled with the knowledge that there are plenty of people who, on the whole, find Chick’s views to be downright moderate to pull me back to reality.

You can’t drag people kicking and screaming into the 15th century. You can’t defeat hate with debate. All you can do is remember that they exist, take appropriate precautions to defend yourself. And if I find it hard to write this while keeping my promise to refrain from profanity, well, I’ll just have to take a deep breath and think about how much harder it must be to grow up steeped in the values of a perverse, life-hating Christian cult.

And, even if it does no objective good, even if it doesn’t change anyone’s mind, for the purposes of posterity, you can speak the truth and identify things like this tract as evil when you see them.

You can find the whole sordid tract on Chick’s web site. I was tipped off by Pharyngula.