High End Wine Battle

Since I tend to wax rhapsodic about the great dessert wines I encounter, it’s only fair that I mention the losers. This season’s big loser was La Tunella tocai friulano. To be fair, this is really my fault. Although I am American, I do know a little geography, and I knew going in to this that Tokaji is not, in fact, located in the Friuli province of Italy. So, I got what I deserve: a nasty, attenuated wine that had the consistency, nose, and taste of oversweetened grapefruit juice.

Never one to pass up an opportunity to promote a home-grown American product, I present, for your enjoyment, a blow by blow comparison between the cleverly marketed La Tunella and the humble, yet honest, _MD 20/20 Pink Grapefruit

flavor_. Category La Tunella MD 20/20 Pink Grapefruit
Vintage 2001 March
Country of Origin Italy Upstate New York, aka Canada
Taste grapefruit grapefruit
Color sickly yellow festive pink!
Cost $10.99 $3.00

There is, quite simply, no comparison: MD 20/20 wins this battle of the superstars with one hand tied behind its back. Viva America!

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