Corporate Food is Evil

I normally don’t just link to other people’s entries. It’s against my philosophy. But rules are made to be broken. psu goes completely insane about how P.F. Chang’s (and its equivelent alter-ethnic wannabe brethren) are destroying the American palate and wallet, and it’s just such a righteous rant that I have to share it with you:

Lost in all of this is the fact that even in a relative backwater like Pittsburgh there are smaller, cheaper, better places that are far more deserving of your dollars. They are found on the sides of roads, in shopping centers, and off of highways. They are run by real people who care about making decent food that is not so much Authentic as at least genuinely distinctive and fresh. But, the tide is against places that serve Real Food because they don’t have the connections needed to get the huge spaces and exposure that even a crappy shithole like P.F. Chang’s can manage just on sheer volume. This is just another case where the Big Evil Coporation is crushing the forces of light and goodness.

Read the whole thing at Mixed Logs.