Stop me

Stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before: Once again the consumer bit of my brain has gotten the sickness, and I have the urge to upgrade my “gaming” PC. I am fighting it tooth and nail.

Those really are derision quotes around “gaming,” since most of the games I actually want to run on my PC – like Warlords II -- don’t actually run on modern versions of Windows. And because I never use my gaming PC because it is loud, and takes 5 minutes to boot up, and is in the wrong room, and is big and ugly, and because I can’t play on the couch, like I can with the Xbox. But, stupid is as stupid does. I’m trying to remind myself that all I’ll accomplish by upgrading is I’ll waste time and money and I still won’t be playing any good games on it, since there will no doubt be some odd compatibility glitch between whatever OS/video card combination I have and whatever game (City of Heroes? Maybe) I decide I must obsess over.

Also, the calculus that said upgrading would be “worth it” assumes that my PC133 RAM from ages ago would still work so I could continue to do this piecemeal. I bet that’s not true anymore. Everytime I read some article about how you should spend more on some motherboard because this time the new super CPU slow format will guarantee forward compatibility, I want to punch someone.

Hold that ball really still, Lucy – here comes Charlie brown to give it a good swift kick.