Grunen Holle

![Nordschliefe map]( g)

Nordschliefe. Kinda.

My new favorite site, Autoblog, has pointed out a fabulous article on [learning to drive the Nordschleife]( ection_id=7&article_id=1340&page_number=1&preview=). Project Gotham Racing fans, start saving for airfare to Frankfurt.

The Nordschliefe vies with Belgium’s Spa for the distinction of being one of the most famous and unforgiving road courses in the world. In 13 miles (!) it has over 100 corners (!!), and elevation changes that are more suited to an air show than a road race. I’ve only ever driven it in simulation, but even that has been enough to induce gut-wrenching fear.

On the down side, Autoblog is a frustrating my fantasies of obtaining a Lancer Evolution. So I guess if I ever do take a lap around the Nordschliefe, it won’t be in a LanEvo. If only I could convince Nissan to sell a street-legal version of the Skyline here.