Marcus Gronholm’s co-driver Timo Rautiainen was injured when a metal bar lying in the road pierced the undercarriage of their Peugeot 307, and the seat, and Timo’s backside. It was at this moment that viewers everywhere learned that it is entirely possible to rattle off driving directions in Finnish while, at the same time, cursing in English. Gronholm, understandably, stopped the car to make sure that Timo was OK. When interviewed after the stage, he described it thusly:

“We had to stop because some stone came up through Timo’s, uh, seat.” Long pause. “Up into the ass of Timo.” Another pause. “So we stop.”

The Finn illustrated his point with an upward thrust of his fist.

Impressively, Gronholm and Rautiainen still managed to come in second. Timo’s ass is said to be healing well.