Blueberry Pie

Where I grew up in Amherst, MA, there is a farm market called Atkins Fruit Bowl that has been around forever. They started out as just an apple orchard, but quickly grew into almost a whole supermarket. In particular, at some point they started baking pies and donuts and other things in the store. And oh, what pies they are. They have a perfect crust, which is incredible in a semi- mass produced product. They come with a variety of different fillings, but the pumpkin, apple, and blueberry pies are the best. Whenever we visit home, we take two or three pies back with us. Whenever my parents visit, they bring two or three pies with them. I know people visit to buy a dozen pies and freeze them when they get back home.

A particular pleasure is blueberry pie from Atkins in the summer. This is because they are close enough to Maine to make the pie with wild blueberries. This is a blueberry pie like no other. Nothing even comes close. The wild blueberries make the pie sweet without making it sugary and gloppy. It’s a natural fruity sweetness. Also, the fact that the wild blueberries are teeny weeny gives the pie a different texture than the big golf ball blueberries. It’s just incredible. I will go eat the whole pie now.