Halo 2: The Good

My praise of Halo 2 on this site has been pretty lukewarm so far. This is unfair, because it really is a great game. I think the issue is that some of the improvements from the first game are so subtle that they’re hard to notice, and then once you notice them they’re hard to describe to someone that hasn’t played both games. Because of this, Halo 2 is perhaps missing some of the “wow factor” that some of us expected. The greatness of the game only becomes apparent after you play for a little while, especially in multiplayer. I’ll try to enumerate some of those aspects here.

psu contributes a few items to this list, which I also agree with:

So I hope that when, in the future, I inevitably complain about this detail or that nit, you keep this list in mind. It’s a great game