Halo 2: Variants

Tonight I discovered that Halo 2 lets you define custom variants and name them. So, as a test, tonight I’ll be rolling out Glock 19, a very simple variant: Players start with a pistol. There are no weapons to be found anywhere on the map, and no vehicles. And you have no shields.

It’s about as close to Counterstrike as I could make Halo be. You also have the option of making players sit out for up to 2 minutes when they die, but I figure I’ll see how the rest of the group takes it before adding that little rule.

We played it tonight; it was fun! Plus [I did pretty well](http://www.bungie.n et/Stats/GameStats.aspx?gameID=2821515&player=peterb). Rare is the game when I can defeat TheEnglishman.