In This Day and Age

It’s Friday and we’re all tired here, so instead of the usual thoughtful and opinion filled piece of writing, I will just present a list of questions so vexing, so complicated, confusing or just plain stupid that I’ve never been able write a whole article about them. 1. Why can’t I aim my gun and walk at the same time?

2. Why do people insist on eating rice, with chopsticks, off plates?

3. Why did 2-d isometric games die?

4. Just what is it about Elmo, anyway?

5. Why does almost every game using a third person camera have camera problems? Why don’t they all just use the scheme from the 2 or 3 that don’t suck?

6. When did they start packaging both hot dogs and the buns in groups of eight?

7. Why do people keep developing dorky scripting languages? Don’t they know that even if they made the world’s most beautiful creation it really just doesn’t matter anymore?

8. Why do the plants turn into money when I hit them with my sword?

9. Why do takeout food places make me order once, and then repeat the order again at the register?

10. Why can’t I buy winter clothes in February? Why do I have to buy all my winter clothes in August?