Friday's Questions

More musings on unanswerable questions that aren’t actually significant enough to warrant their own long article:

- Am I the only person who thinks that aspirin, chewed, tastes kinda good? I want aspirin-flavored soda.

- Who are all these people that are still buying $2500 gaming PC rigs, and what is wrong with them?

- What happened to my copy of the Tank Girl soundtrack, along with maybe 5% of all the CDs I’ve ever owned? Is there some sort of collective of shame I can join where I can reacquire mp3s of songs I paid for, but lost? - Let me get this straight: I can get fresh fish from halfway around the world, or any fruit that is totally out of season, in my local supermarket. But to get heavy cream without stabilizers and garbage in it, I have to drive for half an hour?

- Was the real reason that Germany invaded Belgium that they were pissed off that the Belgians made better beer?

- Why does commercial radio suck so bad (even compared to commercial TV)?

- Why is it that 15 years later, the soundcards/sound generators that come with most computers sound terrible compared to the long-gone Gravis Ultrasound?

- Why is Aimee Mann the only one who knows that Disneyland’s about to close? For the love of God, what does that song mean?

Trivial as these questions are, they are the sorts of things that keep me awake at night.