Sagacious Jade Golem Stupid Boss

After a short detour through the land of zombies and the land of slam dunks, I’m back into Jade Empire. Overall, I have found the experience satisfying in that KOTOR but with Kung Fu way. But I must complain about the recent boss fight. Here we have a triple wammy of bad game design.

1. The Boss is much much harder to kill than the entire sequence of enemies you just dispatched all at the same time.

2. You cannot save the game just before the battle starts due to an unskippable cut scene.

3. Every time you fail, you have to endure two ludicrously long load screens and two unskippable dialog sequences before you get to try the combat again.

While this isn’t quite as bad as the Zelda brain death from before (btw, I gave up on Wind Waker for now), it sure was painful to do this cycle five or six times. A big raspberry to Bioware. They score a big win for save-anywhere, only to fall on their faces with this nonsense.

Additional Bitching

tilt’s complaints about the Jade Empire combat system reminded me how painful this particular fight was.