The Hero With a Thousand Extra Lives

There’s no real point behind this, and we weren’t very strict about the theme, but sometimes you just have to make a list of videogame titles crossed with famous works from other media. This is one of those times. 52. Planescape: Yenta [peterb]

51. The Chain-Gunning of Lot 49 [nlanza]

50. Atlas Quaked [peterb]

49. City of Lost Koopas [peterb]

48. The BFG 9000 [fpereira]

47. The Satanic Versus Mode [nlanza]

46. Which one of these replicants doesn’t belong? [psu]

45. Gravity’s Rainbow Six [peterb]

44. Super Karamazov Brothers [nlanza]

43. As I Lay Waiting To Respawn [nlanza]

42. The Legend of Zelda Fitzgerald: A Drink in the Past [peterb]

41. About a Boy and His Blob [rlink]

40. Song of Savepoints [nlanza]

39. Flashdance Flashdance Revolution [rlink]

38. Sonic the Hedgehog and the Angry Inch [rlink]

37. Far From the Team-Killing Crowd [jferro]

36. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Gnome Artificer [nlanza]

35. The Hero With a Thousand Extra Lives [jferro]

34. A Winter’s Cutscene [nlanza]

33. Pikmonomicon [jferro]

32. Heart of Eternal Darkness [nlanza]

31. The Camera Controls of Our Discontent [jferro]

30. STAR80Topia [jferro]

29. I, Robotron [jferro]

28. Nine Princesses in Another Castle [jferro]

27. The Stars, Like Grains of Katamari [jferro]

26. Kublai Ghost Rekhan [jferro]

25. Mr. Smith Goes to Save His Game and Discovers His Memory Card is Full [jferro]

24. Boss Battle on the Prairie [jferro]

23. Lady Chatterly’s Levelup [jferro]

22. Uncle Tom’s Cab Missions [jferro]

21. Johnny Got His BFG [jferro]

20. Daikatanetics [jferro]

19. The Picture of Guybrush Threepwood [jferro]

18. Jak and Daxter are Dead [jferro]

17. Does Spyro Dream of Pixelated Sheep [jferro]

16. If On a Winter’s Night a Goomba [jferro]

15. Everything That Rises Must Be Undead [jferro]

14. The Rise and Fall of Sid Meier’s Civilization III [jferro]

13. Beowulf: Total War [jferro]

12. American McGee’s The Bible [jferro]

11. I’m OK, U R the suXX0rZ [jferro]

10. War and Robinett [jferro]

9. Grand Theft Auto: A Tale of Two Cities [clamen]

8. Summer of Sam and Max: Freelance Police [rlink]

7. Dude, Where’s My BFG? [jch]

6. Run, Lolo, Run [rlink]

5. Sim City of God of War of the Roses [rlink]

4. How Stella Got Her ShadowCraft Gauntlets Back From That Fucking Looter Leeroy [jferro]

3. Around the World in 10 Days in God Mode [jferro]

2. If I Ran the Duck Hunt [jferro]

1. A Fistful of Rupees [psu]

Editorial comment: It’s clear to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that jferro won this round.