More Road Food

We did the drive from PA to Eastern New England again to visit the parents. Found a few more places to eat along I-90.

Charlie The Butcher, Buffalo NY

Another Beef on Weck place, but with a different style. The meat here is more roasted than the other places I’ve been. In addition, they actually have some interesting sides, and other types of meat worth eating. The roast turkey, for example, was excellent. They have various desserts as well, but we didn’t try any.

Dinosaur BBQ, Syracuse NY

Here is a completely unexpected pleasure. When someone comes up to you and says “Hey, there is good BBQ at this place” and “this place” is north of Chapel Hill NC, you should look upon that someone with extreme skepticism. But, here is a case where that skepticism is wrong. This is the real thing. Don’t get anything here but the pulled pork, because it is done correctly and their sauce is also excellent. You can tell it’s done correctly because the meat has texture and character (as opposed to just being a chopped mess) and it does not need the sauce to be interesting. The place has dozens of kinds of beer too, but that’s for someone else to try.

If you are driving within 2 hours of this place, it’s worth the side trip. I’m serious. Be ready to wait in line.

Antonio’s Pizza, Amherst MA

Pizza by the slice. Excellent crust. Crunchy and bready at the same time. A wide assortment of toppings, many of which feel like a Mexican restaurant fell on top of the pizza oven. Go here after spending your savings at For the Record which is across the street.