The Consumer Society Has Failed Me

I have a birthday coming up (no, I will not tell you when). And, I thought I had perfect timing. It’s been a good nine months to a year since both the DS and the PSP launched, surely by now there would be something shiny enough to warrant a purchase. And yet it is not the case.

The PSP has the advantage coming in of matching my iPod Nano. The DS has the advantage of having a few more decent games. But ultimately they both fail. All that is here are puzzle games (ooo, Tetris but with shiny blocks), games I’ve already bought and not played (Advance Wars, excellent, but I never play it), games that will be coming soon (_Mario and Luigi, _anything for the PSP that isn’t a PS2 port) and games that should be good, but appear to suck (Madden 06 for PSP).

I thought our great marketplace could not fail in this way. How is it that in 2005, I can have the cash and the desire for something shiny and small to game on and it not be available? What a monumental failure. I’ll probably buy a PSP anyway. Maybe I can watch anime off a memory stick until there is a decent game.