Stupor Bowl

First things first. Steelers win! Woohoo!! Yeeeaaaahhhh!!!.

Now that that’s out of the way, I think we all have to admit that this was, on balance, a sub-par performance by everyone involved. Let’s catalog our collection of complaints. The Refs

While the refs did not blow it on the scale of the NE-Denver or PGH-Indy games, overall it was a pretty sad showing. A lot of boring ticky-tack bullshit. I don’t think there was enough there to turn the outcome, and if you are going to win a championship, you have to win despite bad calls. Still, one expects more.

The Ads

Who can remember even one decent one in the whole bunch? I was a bit mesmerized by how pretty everything looked in HD. But, from a content standpoint I can’t remember even one ad that made me break out in even half a giggle. There were even multiple lame repeats from last year.

Finally, I think there should be a moratorium on go-daddy ads. The next network I see one of those on should be fined for the price of the ad slot. Jesus.

The Game

Neither team played close to as well as they are capable of playing. Watching this game, you’d have no idea that Pittsburgh was known for a punishing blitzing defense, or that Alexander was the league MVP, or that Seattle had one of the highest scoring and efficient offenses in the league. Pittsburgh managed to win because they got lucky and they showed their real selves a few more times than Seattle. That, and they had Hines Ward, my favorite Steeler by far, to throw the ball to whenever they needed a big play.

So, I’ll take the win for my adopted favorite team (go Pats!), and I will feel happy for my adopted home town of lo these many years (I’ve been back here almost as long as Cowher has coached the team). But, I have to say that I’ve seen better football. Two weeks ago in the Championship games.