Reader Mail

Today two short notes based on reader feedback. First, in the area of crackers, I was finally at the Geagle and remembered to look for the special British crackers that Kim mentioned in a comment on cookies. [McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits]( ROD&ProdID=103) are, indeed, the real thing. They are slightly sweet, and wheaty without being grainy. They are also less crumbly than the Carr’s knock off. I love this kind of cracker for blue cheese and such. You can pick your favorite application.

Second, thanks to Stephan for reminding me in email that the people who bought out Chopstick Inn opened a new smaller place in that space called China Star. Rather than Cantonese seafood, it looks like China Star has a mostly Americanized Szechuan and Mandarin menu. But, it also has a menu written only in Chinese with some specialties on it. I can’t read Chinese, but Stephan was resourceful enough to provide translations. The twice cooked pork belly and the beef tendon in the Szechuan pepper and chili oil were both yummy, if a bit oily. I think they have that dish that is supposed to be tripe and lung in the same pepper sauce, although my mom says you can’t really get lung in the U.S. You should go just to try the cool Szechuan “ma-la” sauce. It has a very distinct flavor and mouth feel.

China Star reminds me of a similar small place in Wexford called LUCKY which was open a while back but changed owners or something. It’s not quite on the same level as Rose Tea, but good for a change of pace.