Ice Cream for Dinner

It finally appears that Spring has sprung. After some false warmth, followed by a pretty cool week, we came to a Friday afternoon with temperatures in the balmy 70s and pale blue skies.

By tradition, my wife and I wait for this first day of real warmth, and walk from our offices at at CMU into Oakland for dinner. Our destination is Dave and Andy’s, because adults are allowed to have ice cream for dinner. Dave and Andy’s, if you don’t know, is an ice cream shop in Oakland. They have another store somewhere, but I can’t remember where. Their Oakland store opened around the time I started as a student at CMU, and it has been the best ice cream in Pittsburgh ever since. Don’t talk to me about Rita’s or Brusters or whatever. If you are going to go to the trouble to injest huge amounts of sugar, cream and milkfat, go to Dave and Andy’s to at least make it worth it. Those other places are all second rate at best.

In any case, it’s the perfect place to go on your first after-work walk in the warm weather. I know it was warm last week too, but the weather was better today. Cut me some slack.