Kiss That Frog

The little boy had been off by himself for a while while the rest of us were near the stream pretending to fish. When he came back had a net full of frogs. “Now, you be sure to put those back,” said his dad. “Well,” the little boy said, “I have to keep one, because he peed on me. So I have to keep that one in the net, as punishment.” Despite this, all six or seven frogs stayed in the net.

A little while later, I realized from conversation that some of the frogs in his net were mating. I heard the little boy telling some of the fishermen that the frogs “were on their honeymoon.” “Lots of frogs seem to be on their honeymoon over by the woods,” he said.

[Two frogs in love](http: //

Frog Honeymoon (click to enlarge)

“Hey,” I said. “Can you put those frogs on their honeymoon down, so I can take a picture of them?”

“Sure.” He put them down. I got the photo.

The female frog began to hop away. The male stayed clamped on her back. The little boy scooped the two of them up and put them back into the frog orgy in his net.

It’s not easy being green.