The Left Hand of Creampuff Caspar Milquetoast

Updates have been slow lately because I played racquetball on Friday, forgetting that men in my family have about as much athletic ability as the average brine shrimp. While playing, immediately after thinking “Hey, I’m getting pretty good at this,” I took a dive and landed on my wrist and elbow. Hard. I didn’t break the wrist, although from my completely pathetic fainting fits you would have thought I did. I eventually did end up going to the ER, and they say it’s a very bad sprain. I can’t lift anything heavier than about a couple of pounds with my right hand, and even using an Xbox controller for more than about 10 minutes is out of the question. I can type, but I shouldn’t overdo it, so I’m saving most of my typing for work until I recover a bit.

Apart from that experience, racquetball is fun. Hopefully this will heal fast so I can play again soon.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to train myself to use my left hand for everything. It is hard. If you have any tips, share them below.