All-Clad Sale

For all of you out there who enjoy blowing that college fund on shiny pans that you don’t need, here is a reminder that the twice-a-year All- Clad sale is going on this weekend, starting Friday. You can typically get the same pans that you see in the mall at Williams- Sonoma for about half the price. The sale happens because the company is based in Canonsburg, and so twice a year they collect up all the factory seconds and put them in a big room in the South Hills. This year, the sale is June 2 and June 3 at the Washington County Fairgrounds. The directions are rather involved. But here is a [google map]( ashington+county+fairgrounds+pittsburgh&om=1).

Super-premium cookware is generally more about looks and the aspect of gratuitous consumption than any real advantage in functionality. But at these prices, the All-Clad stuff is a good value. My favorite pieces are the medium sized soup pots and the round saucier pans. The pans hold heat well and can take a beating and come back to life with just a bit of scrubbing. I’ve burned up my soup pots multiple times on the stove, and they always come back for more.

This year, I’m going to branch out and get a saute pan. I usually just use small non-stick aluminum omelet pans. But I’ve been feeling paranoid about the coatings that wear off, and I’m tired of not having any yummy brown bits to scrape off the pan when I make meat or caramelize onions.

Doors open at 9am. Be there with your small blunt weapons so you can get all the good stuff before it’s gone.