Picoreview Haiku

It’s been a busy time so our collective brain hasn’t had a lot of room to generate content for the site. But, we have been playing a few new games recently, so, here are some short impressions, in the by now very cliched Haiku style. Final Fantasy X

Big hair, bigger sword Walk from cut scene to cut scene They never shut up

Call of Duty 2

Soldiers scream and shoot Head throbs, eyes do not see the head shot from nowhere.

MLB 06: The Show

The pitching meter moves back and forth, up and down But how does it work?

Commandos 2

Sneak behind Nazi Arterial spray gushes a warm summer rain

Oblivion: peterb

The thrill of combat Oops, I leveled up too soon Reload my last save

Oblivion: psu

It’s a big wide world Things to do, people to see Their faces haunt me

A Fool And His Money

True believers know Cliff’s release dates are cruel jokes Shut up and write code.

Shadow Hearts 2

Hooray! A new dress For my creepy little doll Now I must shower.


I don’t keep the dog That’s why in twenty five years I have never won.

Guitar Hero

Hard and fast solos Hands throbbing, no star power It’s Cowboys from Hell.