Distinguished Peters

Recently we have become aware that some readers of the blog have difficulty telling the two Petes, peterb and psu, apart. Here’s a handy reference guide for when you have trouble. peterb: Wannabe Italian poseur. psu: Wannabe French poseur.

peterb: Pokes fun at himself. psu: Pokes fun at peterb.

psu: Buys too many videogames and then doesn’t play them. peterb: Buys too many videogames, installs them, and then doesn’t play them.

psu: Thinks Cory Doctorow is an insufferable prick. peterb: Thinks Xeni Jardin is an insufferable prick.

psu: Prefers to buy and not actually play Japanese RPGs. peterb: Prefers to buy and not actually play Western RPGs.

psu: Enjoys the Tour de France, thinks F1 is stupid after the first five minutes. peterb: Enjoys F1, thinks the Tour de France is stupid until the last five minutes.

peterb: Can’t subscibe to NetFlix because he’s too cheap. psu: Subscribes to NetFlix, but never watches any of the movies.

peterb: Dislikes exercise and the outdoors. psu: Dislikes exercise and the outdoors, but feels guilty about it.

psu: Thinks peterb’s Canon DSLR has lower noise and better JPEGs than his Nikon peterb: Thinks psu’s Nikon DSLR doesn’t sound silly like his Canon.

peterb: Likes Chinese food because he is Jewish. psu: Likes Chinese food because he is Chinese.