I’ve written about my need to get rid of books before. Tonight I made another pass, and achieved my short-term goal: I’ve taken enough books off of my shelves to free up one entire bookshelf. Which means I can move that bookshelf out of the room it is in. The amazing thing to me is that even after I’ve made several passes, I still find enough chaff to bury an ox. Four copies of Homer’s Odyssey. Four! Two copies of Black’s Law Dictionary. One copy of James Gleick’s Faster, which I ironically never found time to read.

The books I am going to give away fall into two categories: books I’ve read and have no intention of reading again, or books that, despite my honest intention to read, have sat on my shelves unread for 10 years.

Here’s a quick inventory I took (I apologize for the tragic format). If you want a book, let me know and it’s yours for the current Amazon value (meaning “whatever Delicious Library tells me the going rate for a used copy is”) less a buck, plus postage. Everything else gets sent to paperbackswap or the local library.

Most of the books are in good condition. “The Illustrated Longitude” has a torn slipcover, so that’s half-price. If you see something you want, drop a line to tleavesweblog - a t - gmail dot com.