The Computer Science D&D Spellbook

We can’t help it. We’re doubly cursed: we program computers and we spent all our time in Junior High School playing D&D while you were having sloppy makeouts at the good parties we weren’t invited to.

So let’s do this thing. 21. Detect Lie Algebra (agroce)

20. Osterhaut’s Ostentatious Optimization (peterb)

19. Summon Dire Knuth (peterb)

18. Prismatic Assert (peterb)

17. Detect Dijkstra (psu)

16. Ready, Set, Unify (psu)

15. Comprehend O-Notation (peterb)

14. Triple Convex Hull Tanker (psu)

13. Patch (peterb)

12. Cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (peterb)

11. Cure Serious Bug (roc)

10. Unwind Stack (psu)

9. Dispel Bubblesort (jch)

8. Create Illusion (Of Progress) (roc)

7. Power Word Kill -9 (baird)

6. Bigby’s Finger of Blame (jch)

5. Collect Garbage (psu)

4. Virtualize Self (baird)

3. Polymorph Args (baird)

2. Decompose Singular Value (psu)

1. Tenser’s Floating Heap (peterb)