Don't Be A Stupid Girl


Pink isn’t a stupid girl


I’m sure J.K. Rowling gets enough acclamation from everyone in the world that she doesn’t need my approval as well. But nonetheless, here’s a tip of the hat to her for writing this short essay on the common obsession of worrying about one’s looks and, specifically, fat.

It’s not simply for the content of her essay, which is typically simply written, personal, direct, and to the point, but because she pointed me towards the artist “Pink” and her song “Stupid Girls” ([iTunes link](http://ph 41&i=136184058)).

The song is good.

The video, however, (YouTube link, [iTunes link]( 02561439&s=143441)) moves beyond the realm of “good” into “magically awesome.” (Used in a sentence: “Gabriel Garcia-Marquez’s novel 100 Years of Solitude is an example of the literary style known as magical awesomeness.")