Foods That Sound Like Sexual Positions

Wikipedia may have a longer list, but here at Tea Leaves we know that size doesn’t matter. Much. 20. The Salty Lassi (peterb)

19. The Slab Apricot (peterb)

18. Toad in the Hole (jch)

17. Chicken Tikka (rajesh)

16. Bubble and Squeak (jch)

15. Cherry Tart (peterb)

14. Dublin coddle (rlink)

13. Black and Tan (peterb)

12. Apple Turnover (rlink)

11. Pumpkin. (baird)

10. Hot mustard pretzel (mwm)

9. Pigs in a blanket (mwm)

8. Hand Roll (peterb)

7. Over hard / Over easy (rlink)

6. Forcemeat (rlink)

5. Head cheese (mwm)

4. Jelly Roll (peterb)

3. Hot Toddy (rlink)

2. Banana Split Brownie Pizza (mwm)

1. Bangers and Mash (rlink)