Some weeks are made for long and thoughtful articles. And some are just made for top 10 lists.

In the queue: Nintendo Wii, ¡Viva Piñata!, and an assortment of other games. But for tonight, we have monkeys. 22. The dominant monkey (pdinda)

21. The favorite monkey who’s friends with the dominant monkey (pdinda)

20. The monkey who’s right (pdinda)

19. The monkey who makes sure all the other monkeys around them are happy (jch)

18. The monkey with the Stilton (psu)

17. The monkey with the biggest, brightest fluorescent ass (scottd)

16. Monkey at the top of the tower with the sniper rifle (jch)

15. Monkey who has to pretend to know everything (jch)

14. The monkey with the Covenant energy sword (psu)

13. The monkey that stole my lantern (peterb)

12. The nameless monkey (psu)

11. Heartwarming monkey with Down’s Syndrome (jch)

10. Code monkey (peterb)

9. Shit-flinging monkey (jch)

8. Monkey who reads my weblog and finds a comment written by a chick he doesn’t know and then sends her email asking her out. I hate that fucking creepy monkey. (peterb)

7. The monkey whose smile always seems just a little too forced (roc)

6. Naughty monkey (peterb)

5. The giant invisible and omnipotent monkey in the sky who loves you but needs money (pdinda)

4. Peter Nesmith (dlc)

3. Grammar monkey (psu)

2. Free monkey in the box of cereal (jch)

1. The monkey who replies to your email in under a minute, proving he has nothing to do except check email over and over and over again in the hope of receiving tasty pellets (roc)