Excuse Our Dust

Over the next week or so, updates may be sparse and you may notice problems reaching the site as we prepare to move to a new content management system. Things should be back to normal relatively quickly.

We are, however, having a small contest to go along with this. Because looking at CSS makes our eyes bleed, we will reward the first person who designs a set of WordPress templates and stylesheets for us with a DVD or video game.

Our prejudice is that we want something where the main body view looks exactly, in every detail, like what we have now. But if you think you can do better, feel free to show us. Our only strict requirement is that the icons for categories have to stay in use. We love ‘em. We are, however, less attached to the details of our sidebar.

For your fabulous rewards you may choose from the following DVDs:

-The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine, or -Nude For Satan

or, if those are too sophisticated for you, we have a number of games on offer:

-Counterstrike (Xbox) -Indigo Prophecy (Xbox) -Kessen (PS2)

If you want to participate, send mail to tleavesweblog - a t - gmail (dot) com.