Carrots with Honey Butter

Tonight my brain can only handle writing down a small recipe. I’ve never had much use for carrots outside of using them as a partner to potatoes in stew. But here’s a fun way to do them. I must have stolen the recipe from someone, but I can’t remember who. My wife says it was Bittman, so I must have changed something because I don’t like Bittman.

Start with about a cup or two of cut up carrots. Not too big, not too small. Steam these in a basket for about 10-15min, or until they get tender but not too soft.

Now get out your frying pan. Put in some butter and a bit of oil, whatever you usually do. Toss in the carrots, mix it around. Add salt and pepper, mix it around. Finally, drizzle a small bit of fresh honey over the top. We found honey at the farmer’s market this summer, which inspired me to try this.

Let everything stew a bit, then toss the result on a plate. If you do it right, you should get the nice sweetness and softness of carrots in stew without the need to spend three hours making stew.