Dead Trees and Played To Death

The latest issue of Played To Death is out, and there are a few changes. First off, the official name is now PTD Magazine, and we’ve moved to a new web address: Your old URLs will continue to work, of course.

Second, PTD is now [available in print format]( /subscribe-to-ptd-magazine/). Each issue is delivered to subscribers in a slimline case that contains the print edition, along with a disc containing the full PDF as well as demos and other material. If you’re not into dead trees, you can subscribe to the online edition of PTD, downloading a full PDF every month. Lastly, if you don’t want to pay anything, we’ll always have Paris – and the freely-available “digest” PDF.

In this month’s issue of PTD, you’ll find my editorial Design Matters (page 6), and my reviews of Dwarf Fortress (page 14), and ToeJam & Earl (page 16). All of those articles are available in the free “digest” version. Those of you who upgrade to a full subscription will also get to read and, I hope, enjoy my reviews of Viva Piñata and Bookworm Adventures, as well as many other reviews by other writers.