Xbox 360 °F

For those following along at home, my Xbox 360 Died The Death about a month ago and I shipped it off to Microsoft for repair service. When I sent it they had not yet announced the repair program, so they billed me $70.

A package with an Xbox 360 arrived yesterday. I don’t know how they plan to refund my money, but hopefully it will just magically happen. Anyway, there are a few things worth discussing in terms of the machine that came back.

The moral of this story is that those of you who have an original heavy-and- hot Xbox 360 should probably hope that it fails with the red ring of death so you can score one of these nice new units.

Update: Here’s a nice copy of the letter they sent with the unit. Click to enlarge.

[![Xbox letter]( repair_letter_1024-150x150.jpg)]( content/uploads/2007/07/xbox_360_repair_letter_1024.jpg “Xbox letter” )