Martini Glasses Are Stupid

Finally, one of the videos we’ve been planning for a while is put to bed. Please enjoy our demonstration of why martini glasses are stupid (video after the break).

As always, higher-quality versions of the video can be found here at .mac. I showed this to bbum and his first entirely correct comment was “You didn’t break the glass!” I actually had that in the script, but due to the location that proved infeasible. Maybe I’ll do a sequel.

I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, with the exception of the sound quality. I have mentally budgeted for the necessary equipment to make our soundtracks much better, but it’s hard to bring myself to pull the trigger. Therefore, this might be a good time to remind everyone who enjoys these videos that if you want to support them and help us improve the quality, please visit our sponsors. It’s a lot easier to drop $400 on audio equipment if I know it won’t have to be paid for entirely out of my own pocket.