Accidental Discoveries

Here’s a dirty little secret: I am kind of a sucker for Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Yes, yes, I know. It’s too sweet. It’s a girly drink. It’s like an alcohol milkshake. It’s sort of gross. I know all these things, and I agree with them, but I still kinda like it. What can I say: i have my guilty pleasures.

But, truth to tell, I never drink Bailey’s anymore, because I am embarassed to be seen buying it. So my overactive superego has thwarted my own pleasure principle. Until now.

I picked up a bottle Drambuie the other day, along with (on the recommendation of an acquaintance) a bottle of Dewars White. I have strong opinions on single malt scotch, but I know next to nothing about blended scotch. The Dewars was reasonably inexpensive and works well in mixed drinks. Anyway, while drinking a Rusty Nail (2 parts scotch, 1 part Drambuie), a strange thought occurred to me: “I wonder if putting a little cream in this would make it better, or ruin it?”

It turns out that if you put a little cream in a rusty nail and shake it up, you end up with something that tastes almost exactly like Bailey’s. It lacks a hint of chocolate, but I’m sure one could fix that up with a dusting of cocoa powder.

So problem solved. I can now have my cake and drink it too.