Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I’ve been making real progress in the past year, giving away and donating books and DVDs, even finally getting rid of some of my most ancient and decrepit computers (somewhere, in a Goodwill building, are an IBM RT and a Decstation 3100. Good riddance.)

Tonight, I opened the door to The Room I Don’t Go Into for the purposes of throwing away a few things.

The Room I Don’t Go Into is worse than I remember. Apparently, in the course of cleaning up the house I might have, er, made it worse.

So, this weekend will require another Goodwill run. If I don’t update for a while, it probably means I’ve fallen in to The Room I Don’t Go Into and can’t find my way out.

Coming soon: I interviewed Mike Nelson from RiffTrax. As soon as I have it transcribed, I’ll post it here.