Boxing Day

Those of you who know me well know that as far as I am concerned, the entire point of software development is to enable me to be as lazy as humanly possible:

This has presented a problem when wanting to use [DOSBox](http://dosbox. to play great old DOS games, such as The Summoning. In order to play them, first I have to start DOSBox, then I have to type something. Whenever I think about doing this, there’s a little voice in my head. The voice is saying: two buttons?

Fortunately, someone has come to my rescue, and released Boxer, which bills itself as “Mac-friendly DOSBox emulation”. And it works.

Essentially, for each game that you want to Boxify, you tell Boxer the path to its directory (once). Then you rename that directory in the Finder – say, from “RRTYCOON” to “RRTYCOON.boxer”. That associates the directory with Boxer. From that point forward, when you want to play Railroad Tycoon, you just double click the icon over RRTYCOON.boxer, and Boxer takes care of the rest. It’s a neat little hack. And I was playing old DOS games – mostly The Summoning and Warlords II -- all weekend long.