I am lucky enough to have two NFL teams to root for. The one that is local to where I live now (WOOOOO SIXBURGH, WOOOO) and the other one of my youth, which was never any good until recently, but who missed the playoffs this year even after beating the Cardinals by 40 points. You know the one, they are the new face of evil and all that. So, six thoughts on the Super Bowl.

1. The Steeler Defense only made one major mistake the entire game. Unfortunately that mistake allowed Larry Fitzgerald to run the entire field for the go-ahead score and gave the entire city a case of what I now call the “helmet catch heartburn.” It looked like the game was done, except that Arizona left too much time on the clock.

2. I can officially thank Ben and Santonio Holmes for almost removing all of my residual helmet catch heartburn from last year. What a throw into triple coverage, and what a catch staying in bounds.

3. The time to rise up against the tyranny of the sideline reporter is here. I have to say that Alex Flanagan reaches a new low in this category, except maybe for that goon Tony whatshisname on Fox. I guess the poor woman is from Arizona though, so I should have some sympathy. Well, it’s too late for that.

4. It’s good to see that the NBA now has such strong competition in the category of crappy officiating. The NFL refs have finally been taught that it’s not so important that you get the calls right as long as both sides feel equally screwed by the end of the game.

5. Ads: mostly sucky. Very disappointing.

6. Finally, James Harrison. Wow. Never seen anything like that before. Don’t expect to ever see anything like that again. Of course, later on he picked a guy up and decked him on camera. I guess that’s football for you.