Killzone 2 Picoreview

A couple of days ago I talked to Pete on iChat:

psu: Hey, should I buy Killzone 2, or should I just pretend I bought it and sold it again on Ebay after a day and then just go back to playing Halo?

peterb: (b)

My picoreview of Killzone 2: I should have listened to peterb.

My main gripe with this game is that it comes from the school that thinks that it’s a good idea to bounce the first person camera around while you run and turn. Every single game that has ever done this makes me motion sick and gives me a headache in about 15 seconds. The Killzone developers liked this mechanic so much that they even make the menu screens bounce around. I can only imagine that they focus tested this with teenagers who were either completely high or half asleep or both, and thereby didn’t notice the screen dancing around all the time.

What I saw of the game before I had to put it down to keep from throwing up on the floor seemed competent, if overly brown and gray. Brown allies, brown ground, gray sky, gray ships, brown enemies. The only exception is the glowing red eyes of the enemies. Without them there would be no way to pick who to shoot out of the sea of brown and gray.

For about an hour I moved from one brown corridor to the next, shooting enemies with guns that didn’t quite aim right in a world that bounced a few extra times to the side whenever I turned my head. Then my head hurt and my stomach started to turn over so I put the game on the ebay pile. I’ll go back to playing Halo.

Avoid. Unless you like brown.