Market Day Eggs

This weekend was the opening weekend for the Farmer’s Market at the Firehouse in the Strip, our favorite place to go for this sort of thing. The market is run by the Slow Food Pittsburgh people and has gradually grown to be a fantastic source for local organic produce, meats, and other products. This week we got wild leeks (ramps) and morel mushrooms. So to celebrate, I made eggs for breakfast on Sunday.

So you take 4 mushrooms and cut them into small pieces. Then take 5 or 6 leeks (they are small, smaller than green onions) and wash them, cut the white part off and dice it. Then cut the green part in halves or quarters length wise and then chop it into little pieces.

Heat up non-stick pan #1 and add some olive oil, the mushrooms, the ramps and some salt and pepper. Toss this around until everything is soft.

At this point you can make four scrambled eggs however you like.

I decided to try and make double boiler eggs, but I don’t have a double boiler. So I brought a small amount of water to a simmer in a small sauce-pan and put a mixing bowl on top. I poured in the beaten eggs and mixed for 5-6 minutes or until it they looked like scrambled eggs. I probably should have added a bit of milk to the eggs and butter in the bowl. I think I also had the heat too high because the eggs cooked faster than the Internet told me they should cook. They also spent a lot of time permanently bonding to the mixing bowl, which ended up being very hard to clean. Even so, the eggs tasted great and had a rich custardy texture that you don’t get with scrambled eggs in a pan.

Anyway, however you get the eggs made, mix in the leeks and the mushrooms just as they are finished. Season with more salt and pepper. Mix some more and serve.

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture. My food photography never works anyway. Correct compositional technique just eludes me.