Rather Caching

The biggest problem with buying a car is that once you buy it, you have to stop shopping.

This is problematic for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is that, having dropped so many thousands of dollars on a durable consumer good, suddenly other items seem a lot cheaper. So consumer electronics that, if you were sane, you’d dismiss as “too expensive” suddenly become little things to be casually picked up with pocket change.

This is happening to me now, because I’m looking for a GPS to use for Geocaching, even though I don’t really need one.

I have, to date, found exactly one (1, as in singular) cache, using a borrowed iPhone 3G and the awesome geocaching.com app. But since some of the caches I’m going to be looking for are in pretty rugged terrain, I was thinking about picking up a dedicated GPS, ideally one with topo maps and an electronic compass.

I’m currently leaning towards the Delorme PN-40 over the highly-regarded Garmin GPSMap 60csx. This mostly stems from my previous experience with both companies. My impression is that Garmin is a GPS company that happens to have some maps on their units, and Delorme is a map company that happens to sell GPS units. Which one you prefer is probably largely a question of taste.

Of course, the other solution to the problem would just be to buy an iPhone 3G.

Any recommendations from the experienced GPS users out there?