Wine, Donuts, and Sex

Why won’t I be buying The Sims 3? Because, although I sometimes do act like [a dog who returns to his vomit]( perspectives/), I have finally come to peace with the fact that I no longer have any interest in playing games that require as much effort as my job. So, sorry, no Sims 3 for me.

This was driven home to me recently when I foolishly started re-playing Animal Crossing after a hiatus of a few months. I enjoyed putting the town back together and “improving” it for a few days. Then, I took a vacation. And when I came back, the prospect of having to do it all over again because I wasn’t playing on the game’s preferred schedule made me angry.

This feeling of spite has been compounded by the fact that I’ve been playing (and buying) tons of iPhone games recently, and then also bought a Windows game for $30.

Here’s the difference between most good iPhone games and the PC game you last bought:

This vibe, in other words, was summed up on a forum site by [a game developer complaining about PC games that took too long to become interesting]( talk/showthread.php?p=1783312): “[Games that take an hour before the fun starts] have to compete with wine, donuts and sex which all provide fun from the very beginning.”

Damn straight.