At Arm's Length

Some reviews of Panasonic’s answer to the Olympus EP-1 are starting to trickle out into the intertubes. I just noticed that the Luminous Landscape people are talking about their experience with the camera. The review is about what you would expect. The camera is quicker to focus and generally more usable but it does not have the sensor-based anti-shake. You can’t have everything.

But here is a line from the review that confuses me: “Doing serious photography with a camera at arms length just isn’t my thing.”

You hear this complaint over and over again from the people in the world who just can’t live without an eye-level viewfinder. I understand the shortcomings of the LCD screen, but this complaint still baffles me. The implication is that the only way to use the LCD on the back of the camera to compose pictures is to lock yer arms straight out in front of your face like a mentally crippled robot and then point the camera in the right direction. So here is my question: do serious photographers not have elbows? Can any of you out in the Intertube-land enlighten me? Do you have elbows?