In Which We Acknowledge Our Shortcomings

A couple of years ago, we two Petes collaborated on a brief [parody of a certain video game reviewer’s writing style.]( /in-the-style-of/) We actually worked on it for quite some time. Many of this writer’s more obvious annoying habits - the fact that he always makes sure you know that he lives in Japan and is really popular with girls and his habit of analogizing every game to an obscure early 1980’s game that you’ve never played - were easy to imitate. But what was much harder was imitating this writer’s ability to pump out page after page of sheer unmitigated volume. The man has a relationship with words like a sorority girl who has just lost her first drinking contest has a relationship with beer: emerging in an unending torrent, horrifying everyone who witnesses the aftermath.

Our meagre parody topped out at a paltry 1200 words, which wouldn’t get you past the introductory remarks in one of this gentleman’s pieces. And now I have the perfect example to share with you, because he has just written [Can Videogames Be Our Friends]( friends), which at a mere 12,000 words is probably one of his shorter pieces. Find yourself a nice, comfortable chair, and have something nearby that you can punch, and enjoy.

For those of you who are more interested in the statistical side of things, I present the following, Harper’s Review style precis:

Really. It is beyond belief.

As my friend Nat said, I can’t decide if he’s really this thick, or if he’s just cleverly figured out how to monetize infuriating people.